The oldest house in Bennington Village circa 1774, the Safford Mills Inn and Café offers the ambiance of the past with the modern amenities of today.

We are not a typical Out in the Country, Peace & Quiet kind of B&B, but more of an In-Town, Night life "A&A"...Accommodations and Aperitifs. Every Weekend Our Martini Bar & Cafe is a buzz with activities, going on until around 10:30pm.

Because we are Accommodations & Aperitifs, Included as part of your stay, Every Evening we offer Complimentary Martinis, Wine and Beer, accompanied by Appetizers and Dessert. We provide this as a Unique Alternative to Breakfast.

Conveniently located within walking distance of downtown Bennington, we are close to shopping, restaurants and local historic attractions.  Make us your evening destination where you can unwind in our cozy common rooms with a martini, wine, coffee or dessert before you retire for the evening.